Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February everyone!!!

Well...almost Valentine's Day....12 more days...everyone getting roses...chocolate, or perhaps new diamonds??? LOL..Well...I know I'm not getting new diamonds...but perhaps a rose...hubby always remembers (cough.cough, after a couple to buy me a rose or two, sometimes a dozen or so make their way to my house...He's always very thoughtful and sweet!!!

Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day!!!

I've been adding new things to my .com website....if you have time, check it out...
Carm made a valentine's webset for me with lots of BLING...I love it...Thanks Carm, you did a great job as is her site...

Have a great week everyone...!!!

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Mark & Heather Mac said...

Thanks for following my blog. I just checked out your website, what beautiful old-fashioned Annies. My little Bug would go crazy! Hopefully I can dig deep to get her one.

Have a blessed week.
Heather Mac