Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year to You!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This lil cutie was a special order for a gal in Florida, Her name, for obvious reasons is Annie Rose....I would welcome any special order you have, just allow a couple weeks for completion.

Sorry for not doing the giveaway like I promised, too busy trying to get everything done...But will do one soon....!!!!

Enjoy this brand new year/decade, hope it is the most profitable for you...

Be sure to check out my website at will be adding tons of new annies...and new graphics too, uhhh...hopefully Carm isn't too
She has just re-opened her new site, check her out ...!!!

And, I see my friend Denni has been adding new annies to her site also....she's at the site, under primitives....Denni Doodle Creations.... and :0)

And, of course my friend, Chris is always adding new creations to her site also, you can check her out at :0)


Julie said...

Hi Cindy-I clicked on your dolls to go to your ezshoppe site but nothing happened-do you still have one there?
I bought a doll from you before-thinking about buying another one :)

My email address:


Denni said...

Cindy, you are the best!! I miss chatting with ya girl. Your dollies are so cute!! I need to get in the groove of it again. My husband bought me some fun quilt patterns and a darling hat and apron pattern so I'm venturing out a little. I'm so quilt dumb it's not even funny!!~lol. I'm going to start up a few more dollies here in a couple of weeks. The spring show will be here before I know it again. Have a happy new year!!

Primgrl1 said...

Hey Cyndi!

I hope the New Year has been treating you good so far and it's almost the end of the month can you believe that! Time goes by so quickly these days. I will be having a month off come Feb and I'll will be getting down and dirty in the dolly dept. I'll will be listing a lot more dolls here and there...of course if there is no drama going on. Remember crafting is cheaper then therapy! Hope your doing well woman and keep sewing! :)

shweetpotato said...

Your so sweet for mentioning me :) hey did you want that Valentine webset?? Just say the word and its yours :) Ill even animate it all up :)