Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm having a sale on my EZshoppes.com site (until July 20th)....hop on over and pick up a bargain Annie or two (just click on title above that says "BIG SALE ON MY EZSHOPPES SITE" AND IT WILL TAKE YOU RIGHT TO MY EZSHOPPES WEBSITE...)....AND, if you e-mail me at... distincreat_01@yahoo.com and say you saw this sale advertised on my blog, you can get an additional 15% off the already low sale price...Quite a savings, and it includes FREE Shipping....Won't last long, hurry and check it out...and thanks for visiting my site...Have a wonderful week...!!

Oh, be sure to leave the name of the annie you would like in your e-mail msg.....first come basis...sorry if it gets sold, (I could actually do a special order on some of them if need be!!! Please allow a couple weeks for delivery though.......!!!!)

And, if you put my sale on your blog, you can have 25% off instead of 15%...take it now and use on a special priced annie/or?, and you can use it whenever you'd like...bank it for future use, or use it now....Just be sure to let me know you've put it on your blog, so I can put your name on my list.(you can leave a comment here also if you put it on your blog..)...Thanks again....enjoy!!! Sale will run til July 20th....!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brenna Annie has been chosen...Thanks again for entering everyone...!!!!!

Looks like Brenna Annie will be going to Sandy at AwtemNymf's to live...Thanks Sandy and to everyone else who entered...Have a great fourth of July weekend....