Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoping you have a Happy Easter!!!!!!

Easter was a pretty uneventful day at my are grown so we didn't do the usual things you do on easter, but it was a peaceful day. Spent most of it finishing off some new annies -summertime annies!!! And did a couple new candle mats, and started on a yo-yo quilt. This one will probably take a lengthy time to finish, but am using all sorts of pretty summertime colors for the yo-yo's, so it should be pretty. (hopefully) !!! Do people still like yo-yo quilts? I saw one on a show on tv today, so got in the mood, gosh it was pretty....!!! Oh, well, guess I could just keep it myself....

I hope you had a nice easter, and the weather was better than it was here. We had very cloudy skies with a high of about 50. With a cold cold breeze. Didn't venture out much today, just went out to check on the new kitty. And, check out Titan's paw....he's a roamer kinda doggie, and comes home to get medical attention usually, and to eat and then he's right back out lookin for his buddy, (neighbor doggie). Last time he came home, he had a bone stuck in the roof of his mouth, Kirk had a time gettin that out. Got bitten about 4 times....was a funny/strange sight. Now, he's stepped on something and has a cut on his paw...maybe that will keep him home, he's hobblin around with a bandage on his that lasts about a

Well, happy easter...and have a great week!!!!!