Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't ya just love Teddy Bears?????

If you love teddy bears as I do...(hope to start making them soon); then you will surely LOVE this blog. Just click on the title to go to her blog....The designer is Rosarita Meneghetti, of Marin Teddy Bears in Venice :-)...... her website is ..... All the wonderful work and the excellent photography, settings and was a real treat, and inspiring to see all of her great work and efforts...Check it out, it is worth the visit....It is also in Italian, but there is a translator or two to translate to English, or ???? I love this lil teddy bear that fits in her hand...omgosh too cute....Love lil makings that fit in your hand...Enjoy....and

Happy Wednesday...!!! Are your kids back to school? Are you enjoying the time crafting...and ???? Hip Hip, I sure am, even though mine are

Have a fun day....