Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyndi's Distinctive Creations blogspot

Well, my first entry in my blog, and I'm I have a site on that has many of my newest christmas annies on it, plus several fall annies. I'll be adding much more in the next week or two, so Check it out if ya have time ....just look for Cyndi's Distinctive Creations and click on it, and you'll get to see what's new and what's old too...!!!

And while you're at it, check out my friend Denni Doodles, she has been such an inspiration for me, helping me to start my own website and giving me moral support. We should all have friends like her, and she is sooo creative....designs her own patterns and makes the most awesome primitive annies. What a creative mind she has. Thanks Denni, you're the best.

AND.....It's December 1st everybody, yep, 24 more days til Christmas.....ikeeee's