Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Pumpkin Annies and It's my Anniversary!!!

These are a variation from the punkin pye and ice cream pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm and My Raggedy Dolls pattern, Sweet Witch Annie......adaption of both into one smaller version...hmmm...what fun you can have with patterns huh, mixing/switching....! They will soon be dressed and I will post a new pic of them all dressed...

What have you been up to....?? Leave a note and let me know what you are doing!!! Would love to read them...

It's also my 21st wedding anniversary...OMGsh, where did the years go??? I'm married to a very hard working man who doesn't always do everything just the way I want it, but that's ok!! We have had a lot of tough years, and a lot of good years...sounds like marriage. But we're here today/together on our 21st anniversary, so!!! Ok, I could go on, just wanted to wish my hubs a happy 21st anniversary.

Here's another blast from the past, another Maureen Mills/Sweet Meadows Farm pattern...made this lil gal last year, and am making a few more for my shows and craft mall festivals...gonna change her up a bit, put a different face on her, will post new ones later.

Are you as bussssssyyy as I am??

ALSO.......don't forget to check out Sandy's (Fairie Whisperer) new Raggedy Annie blog...see link above on the right...She's having a giveaway after getting 50 followers. Giving away patterns by Chestnut Junction.

Off to work on more fall items...moving on to all kinds of different shapes and colors.... pumpkins, candy corns, and making up some My Raggedy Doll's Sweet Witch Annies...Don't ya just love this time of year...but jeez it's really HOT here, about 95 with heat index bout 105...H O T!!!!! Stay cool, I'm staying in and sewing.

Ohhh..Almost forgot, I'm gonna be starting my own patterns....The first is a pincusion annie!!! Check back, and if I can get my new web host off their hiney's, (just got sold) I might get my .com back up and running and will post the new pattern there.

Stay cool....