Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas Season

I hope you are all having a wonderful christmas season....just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas..... :0)

Wanted to post this little cutie too.....This is one of Patti Ratti's newest patterns for the 2009 season....except she ran out of the material for the skirt ...arghh...and around here...I can't find much snowman border fabric, so am scrambling...If you know of anyone else that carries similar snowman border fabrics...could you let me know...These lil gals are really cute...I added more fluff..of course... used some small 24" boa's that I got at Hobby Lobby last fall for 20 cents each...end of the season sale and all... just knew they would come in handy....

About to post another giveaway...a huge look for it...I week.!!!!!!

This is a Santa and Mrs. Claus set I made from a You Are Special Pattern...

And, this is the ..You Are Special freebie santa head Ornament pattern, they have been huge sellers this christmas ....this is the tree that sits in the lobby at the craft mall...very cute santa' the wool curls from Q...

Well, will post more later...Merry Christmas to you and yours ...hope it's the best!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Fall To You.....just had to post this, too cute...

Got this from my sis from Oregon yesterday....was too cute not to post....Enjoy

Hope your all having a nice and profitable fall season.....sure is a great season....leaves are starting to turn here, have harvesting going on, temperatures are ...brrrrrrrrrr....hmmm sounds like fall...Hope it lasts and we don't get an early winter....dread.....I'm a summer/fall gal!!!!!!!

Giveawy coming soon, sorry, sold almost all my new annies, didn't even get them posted on my sites....but have tons ready to will be soon...Will try to do giveaway next week...have a great weekend, enjoy....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Patti Pumpkin ....selling her pumpkins for 5 cents...

My first pumpkin doll this year...It's a sweet meadows farm pattern, she is about 24 inches tall, made her dress and apron from a pretty quilt quality fall print and I have attached two pumpkin buttons to her apron straps, loons are a putty color. I love how her face turned out, she has such a sweet look about her, her eyes are handpainted green, her nose has been handstitched along with her mouth...She has pretty blushed green cheeks and has been painted and sanded several times to get her just right... her green stem and leaves on top of her pumpkin head have been handpainted, stained and sanded as well as her legs and shoes. She has a cute lil handmade tag that says "Pumpkins 5 cents"... Her white pumpkin she holds has been handmade, painted and stained.

She was so much fun to make!! I WANT TO KEEP HER....LOL..She'll be for sale on my .com site this week along with many other new items...I've been sewing sewing sewing lately doing festivals at the craft malls, so have lots of new stuff to add to my sites...Hope you can drop by all this week. Oh, I also did a smaller pumpkin doll but she sold yesterday, but I will post her anyway, I can always make more...She was inspired by Sweet Meadows Farm..Maureen's new pattern coming out....Punkin Pye and Ice Cream..I think is the name of it, will have to check the exact name of the's a pic of her...

Hope you are having as much fun as I am making fall pretties...Made a ton of new witches also, (attached one) that I'm going to post...Made them a couple weeks ago for my festivals......Enjoy the fall's almost here...!!!!

Will be doing a new giveaway also this week...a choice between three new fall dollies, a pumpkin annie, and a witch and a ghost dollie, similar to the ones shown check back midweek...

This lil gal was made from a Patti Ratti's pattern...she turned out soooo dang fun to make...thanks Patti for the inspiration...

Also, have been doing candle mats, that I'm going to post on my .com's a sample of one also....

Fun fun...enjoy !!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't ya just love Teddy Bears?????

If you love teddy bears as I do...(hope to start making them soon); then you will surely LOVE this blog. Just click on the title to go to her blog....The designer is Rosarita Meneghetti, of Marin Teddy Bears in Venice :-)...... her website is ..... All the wonderful work and the excellent photography, settings and was a real treat, and inspiring to see all of her great work and efforts...Check it out, it is worth the visit....It is also in Italian, but there is a translator or two to translate to English, or ???? I love this lil teddy bear that fits in her hand...omgosh too cute....Love lil makings that fit in your hand...Enjoy....and

Happy Wednesday...!!! Are your kids back to school? Are you enjoying the time crafting...and ???? Hip Hip, I sure am, even though mine are

Have a fun day....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some new annies coming soon!!!!

Finished up some end of fall annies...(about 20 of them), here's a few of them..Am now working on new witches and pumpkin gals and?????? Will be posting all the new annies on my .com and websites this weekend, so stop by if ya can and check them out...thanks for visiting...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kewl Giveaway at Olive Grove Primitives blogspot

Hop on over and enter to win this kewl pincushion and set of tags from Olive Grove Primitives...just click on the title above and it will take you there, or copy and paste this url..... ...good luck to you everyone... Drawin to be held on August 20, which is Lisa's birthday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Come join in on the celebrations for Raggedy Ann's Birthday Party hosted by Sandy, Autumn Nymf (her blog is.... )

Just click on the title above to be directed to the special birthday party blog Sandy has set up..... Come share any Raggedy Annie collections you may have...just post them on your blog along with the above button and link back to so everyone you know can join in and have some fun.

Sandy will be doing drawings for 7 lucky winners on September 14th!!! Sounds like fun, come join in.....good luck to everyone....oh...some of the prizes include an annie doll made by Sandy herself, raggedy annie fabric, patterns by My Raggedy Dolls, Cats Pajamas, Prindle Mountain, and Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses plus a couple more!!! Have fun everyone....

Monday, August 3, 2009

And, yet another GREAT giveaway!!!!

Hop on over to and enter to win this gorgeous penny rug, handmade by of course is really gorgeous...She has a really kewl blueberry pincushion on ebay also...(I'm a pincushion addict...LOL, it is really cute...)!! Good Luck to everyone...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

2 GREAT Giveaways on Enchanted Oddities....



Verrrry cute giveaways. so hurry on over and enter to win...Tara have added something inside the cute handmade/handpainted surprise bag, and the gingergirl has also been handmade/handpainted....Too cute Tara, Great job...Good luck to everyone who enters..... just click on the title and you'll go right to Tara's blog....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ENTER TO WIN AT Bowls-N-Annies blog.....

Hop on over to De's blog to enter to win this adorable purse that De has made...She sells them on her website also if you are interested...tooo cute De!!!!! Just hit the Enter to Win title and it will direct you to De's blog......good luck everyone....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm having a sale on my site (until July 20th)....hop on over and pick up a bargain Annie or two (just click on title above that says "BIG SALE ON MY EZSHOPPES SITE" AND IT WILL TAKE YOU RIGHT TO MY EZSHOPPES WEBSITE...)....AND, if you e-mail me at... and say you saw this sale advertised on my blog, you can get an additional 15% off the already low sale price...Quite a savings, and it includes FREE Shipping....Won't last long, hurry and check it out...and thanks for visiting my site...Have a wonderful week...!!

Oh, be sure to leave the name of the annie you would like in your e-mail msg.....first come basis...sorry if it gets sold, (I could actually do a special order on some of them if need be!!! Please allow a couple weeks for delivery though.......!!!!)

And, if you put my sale on your blog, you can have 25% off instead of 15%...take it now and use on a special priced annie/or?, and you can use it whenever you'd it for future use, or use it now....Just be sure to let me know you've put it on your blog, so I can put your name on my list.(you can leave a comment here also if you put it on your blog..)...Thanks again....enjoy!!! Sale will run til July 20th....!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brenna Annie has been chosen...Thanks again for entering everyone...!!!!!

Looks like Brenna Annie will be going to Sandy at AwtemNymf's to live...Thanks Sandy and to everyone else who entered...Have a great fourth of July weekend....

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Congratulations....and I will be contacting you for your address....and which annie you would like.....And, she will be mailed out to you on Monday...

Thanks to everyone for entering.....

My daughter also drew 2nd, 3rd and 4th places for a separate annie choice, but annie related...I will be contacting these three people also....
2nd....enchanted oddities, 3rd....mark & amp, and 4th.....grandmarockton....thanks to all who entered....and congratulations.....hugs Cyndi

Saturday, June 27, 2009


THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING.....DRAWING WILL BE AT 12:00 NOON TODAY....(CENTRAL TIME)!!!!!! AND......I've decided to draw 4 names (since it's July 4th...1st name drawn has their choice of either annies...2nd, 3rd, 4th names will receive a special gift!!! My choice...but annie related....(and they will be mailed during the next week!!!!) Betsee or Brenna Annie winner will be mailed on Monday...since post office is closed today...sorry...) !!!!!!! Good Luck to all of you...and thanks again for all your great comments and for giveaway....2 weeks...annie pincushion....!!!

I'm having a free giveaway.....enter to win WHICHEVER annie you'd like of these two cuties, post a comment here with your name and blog address.......Their names are Betsee Annie and Brenna Annie. They are 9 inches tall with handpainted/handstitched faces. They have red wool pigtails....They have been coffee/vanilla stained, but not their clothes....Little cutsies for 4th of July.....It includes free shipping if you win.

Post them on your blog and I'll enter your name 10 times in my drawing!!!!!!!!

Drawing will be next Saturday on July 4th....good luck!!!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Denni

Just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday Denni... And to think you are only 29 girl....!!! I hope it was a very happy day for you and you did lots of special things with your family. You're the best kinda friend anyone could ask for....!!!! I hope your 29th year is one of the best for you....Enjoy !!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Dollie from Denni's Swap!!!

Here's my Denni Doodles Annie Swap Doll from Brenda at My Little Annies.....she is sooo adoeeeable...I love her and her lil kitty cat....Thank you so much Brenda. Here's Brenda's url to go to her website to find more of her great annies..... ...Thanks Denni for having the swap, it was loads of fun. I've already started on another round head cause I loved doing them so much....If you haven't tried out Back Porch Pickins patterns, you should, she has some amazing round head doll patterns....Have a great nite, enjoy!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Denni Bowles Round Head Doll Swap..She's done!!!

Finally Done with's sneak peek...hehee! She turned out pretty cute....I'm with you Denni, I'll be making more of these lil cuties...They are very time consuming, but also very fun to do... Love doing the faces...Well, Ruth Stark, I hope you like her....Many hours into this lil gal, but again, it was fun to do...She's on her way to you in the enjoy!!!

Thanks Denni, for hosting this, it was truly fun...!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Just wanted to post a lil pic for the doll swap my friend Denni Bowles is hosting...Hard to believe they start out like this, but they do....this is a little bit of what it looks like...Denni will post all the dollies next week I believe...Thanks Denni for hosting this, I haven't got the chance to make very many round head dollies before, this is only my second or third...did a couple santa's last it was a lot of fun. I used Tonya's (Back Porch Pickens) fairy pattern to make it...Easy pattern to follow!!! Thanks Tonya. She has amazing patterns...well off to do the finishing touches...fix her lumpy and ????????

Have a great day!!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Time is Here For Real!!!

Finally, it's summer!!!! I think everybody would agree. It's been a long time coming...Hope you all get out and enjoy this weather....We're about 80 degrees here today in central IL, and sunny. It's gorgeous!!!!

Graduation is over, tg, and kids are getting settled into their summer routine, working jobs; I hope!!!! My son just graduated high school, and is continuing his hunt for just the perfect summer job, before he starts college in the fall. He's gotten a really nice scholarship for college to get him started, and then there is always mom and dad's deep pockets to rely!!!!

He's also just gotten his first (and only) tatoo yesterday, had to spend that graduation money on something...!!! arghhhhh...."never give up" in some kind of sign language...I don't know, not an expert in that field, that's for sure...LOL, but it looks kewl...., he's almost 19, so!!!!! Now, I'll have to give in when my daughter turns 18 and wants that tiny little heart on her ankle....jeez, I remember when it was ice cream and it's tatoos!!! What's next?

I have one more to put through high school, Jori will be 18 in September and a senior in high school, and that will be a hard one to survive....!!! God give me really, I mean it!!! I'm sure I'll survive, as long as she doesn't want to get married right away. Her father was talking about sending her up north to visit her aunt for a couple years, so she could see what's out there for her. He thinks she's too serious about this one cream and crayons....wake up dad!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful summer....grow some pretty flowers/trees....!!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoping you have a Happy Easter!!!!!!

Easter was a pretty uneventful day at my are grown so we didn't do the usual things you do on easter, but it was a peaceful day. Spent most of it finishing off some new annies -summertime annies!!! And did a couple new candle mats, and started on a yo-yo quilt. This one will probably take a lengthy time to finish, but am using all sorts of pretty summertime colors for the yo-yo's, so it should be pretty. (hopefully) !!! Do people still like yo-yo quilts? I saw one on a show on tv today, so got in the mood, gosh it was pretty....!!! Oh, well, guess I could just keep it myself....

I hope you had a nice easter, and the weather was better than it was here. We had very cloudy skies with a high of about 50. With a cold cold breeze. Didn't venture out much today, just went out to check on the new kitty. And, check out Titan's paw....he's a roamer kinda doggie, and comes home to get medical attention usually, and to eat and then he's right back out lookin for his buddy, (neighbor doggie). Last time he came home, he had a bone stuck in the roof of his mouth, Kirk had a time gettin that out. Got bitten about 4 times....was a funny/strange sight. Now, he's stepped on something and has a cut on his paw...maybe that will keep him home, he's hobblin around with a bandage on his that lasts about a

Well, happy easter...and have a great week!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Added New Bears/bunnies and annies today

Good Sunday eve...Added some new product to my website today. Some new annies/bunnies, and honey bear tucks for those easter baskets. I have a lot of lil annies/honey bears that could be added to easter baskets...check them out....Gettin ready to do an easter giveaway, will be posting the giveaway item this week some time, check it out, will be a freebie and we all love those freebies.....Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was productive, but not real profitable...had my first craft show yesterday, was a great show up until about 11:30, then the rain/snow and wind and cold temps cruised on in and the rest of the time we had just very brave buyers.....But we had fun, my really sweet son ....Mr. Macho man himself, went with me, he is so cute, I had told him my back was really bothering he offers to help and of course, being my first show, I didn't know what to expect, so I took him up on his offer, thrilled him to pieces...if you can imagine. He really didn't WANT to go, but he did because he wanted to help me, wasn't that just the nicest thing? He carried all my tubs in for me, and there was a lot, helped me unpack my annies....(was adoreeable to watch this 6' tall macho muscle guy pullin out those lil annies out of the clear plastic bags...I wished I would have had my camcorder, would have been priceless!!! May even have won me some $$$$......LOL) And, then when we packed up, he put everything back for me, and then we helped a gal from our town put her items in her van&truck...which was a fun job, as we got to laugh an joke around a lot with them, they are really nice people, love em.... and OMG, she had a lot of stuff....and she did really well at the show...I did just OK for my first show, I guess, and considering the nasty weather....Anyway, thanks Ryne, you were so much help to your momma, I luv ya bud!!! P.s. I did give him $$$ for
helping me out!!!!! He really didn't want the $$ but I forced him to take it!!! So, hopefully the next show will be a more profitable one....better weather too. We got about 2-3 inches of dang snow, and cold weather, so there goes my new leaves and crocus but the hardy daffodils were pokin through the snow this afternoon, got up the 49 so the snow is about gone, thank god...Come on summer, am soooo very ready....Have a great week, and don't forget to check out my giveaway, is going to be a Big easter bunny of some sort....haven't put the finishing touches on the idea yet....Easter is coming up fast...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

PRE-Spring Annie Sale this weekend!!!

I'm having a pre-spring Annie Sale this weekend!!! New or old, $5.00 off any annie on my site that is not SOLD already!!! E-mail me to find out if annie of your choice is still available and for the total amount. Shipping amount of $4.95 for priority mail is also included in price. New annies/bunnies coming soon, just finished two from Bowls'n'annies...Rita Rabbit that turned out sooooo cute!!! Bunnies are not included in this sale for right now, another sale coming soon!!! Thanks and I hope everyone is having a better week than I!!! Wish I could rid myself of this dang cold virus that keeps me sleeping more than it keeps me awake. Thanks a million to my hubby for bringin it home and givin it to us!!! Rat!! LOL.......... Love ya K!!! Ok....back to nite-nite!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Had a free giveaway for today, gave a pretty little pink Abby Annie to Brenda from My Little Annies!!! Hope you like her Brenda, she was fun to make. Has been a very productive day, even though it started out late....slept in today for the first time in I don't know when....gosh did it feel good!!! Was ready to go, got several florals done today and did some bunny nodders, finishing up some wee little bunnies in stocking for my stores....can't wait to display them, they turned out pretty cute....Think I have the hang of the stitching on the eyelids, hadn't tried it too much before now, it looks kewl....!!!! Such a talented artist that Back Porch Picken's girl....hehe....Your patterns are the best...and so every time!!! Love them....!!!! Well, hope you celebrated Valentine's Day in a big way!!! And ya got lots of candy and flowers...and such!!!! Enjoy...Till next time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New annies, recently added to my site....

Added some new annies yesterday and Saturday.....I have to admit, lil Abby Annie is my fav. All that pink. I tried some new eyes out on the sweet irish annie in the glittery dress....What fun.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year For Everyone....2009

A brand new year for everyone!! Happy New Year, and I wish you peace and happiness for each and every day of this year. I intend to make the most of the year by spending time with my wonderful family, my husband who just made me the best Broccoli Cheese soup ever..hehe...and my son who loves his new xbox360 more than he loves, my daughter who is mad at me as I write this, because I wasn't happy she made her boyfriend pay $16.00 for two people to eat at Arby's. Hey, McDonald's has a 1.00 cheeseburger, and 1.00 french!!!! Her boyfriend is too sweet and pays for everything for her, Dalton ...just say NO!!! I love ya buddy.
My gorgeous oldest daughter who has lost so much weight, I am soooo jealous, she looks wonderful, and her great husband has also lost a LOT of weight. He rides his bike when he can and does 20 miles on it each time he rides....go Chris. Love ya. And, Kaitlyn, my lil sweet grandbaby, who I got to spend two days with this week, she is amazing. And such a good baby girl. She has her routine down so well, and understands everything at 18 months, you tell her it's time to go to sleep for her nap, and she goes to her momma's bed and lays down for you to put her nighty diaper on, then she goes to the rocking chair and picks out a book to read and waits for you to come rock her, and's the best, you put her in her crib and tell her to lay down for her nap, and she does....she lays down and lets you put her pretty pink blanket on her, and if you forget, she points to the monitor to have you turn it on, and then the fan has to be turned on, then she lays her head down and goes to sleep. Now, how is that for being a wonderful baby. My daughter should have MANY more babies, she is the best mom (next to Denni I have ever seen. Far better than I was I believe...hard to say that, but true. These are the truly important people in my life, and I appreciate each and every one of them, even though it's hard to say it all the time.

I also intend to make my own new annies, I want them to be unlike anyone else's, if that's possible. I have some ideas in mind, and will post them here when I can.

I've been making some annies using my friend Denni's patterns, gosh she's a genius...go Denni...and she just did another fabulously cutsey pattern..coming out soon....and again Go Denni!!! If you want easy to read and do patterns and really cute stuff too, they turn out every time the way they are supposed to ...she is talented and smart. Hey Denni...LOL

And, am doing some by the ever so talented Sweet Meadows Farm...Gosh you're good, love those patterns, just ordered her bunny pattern, Prima and Vera I think, OMG they are soooo cute...can't wait to get that one. Easter's coming guys.

And, there is always Julie at My Raggedy Dolls, superberly talented, just put out some sweet 2009 annie girls that sold in a flash...go Julie. And then De at Bowls n' Annies what great patterns she has. I make them, they sell, just like that. Great patterns too. I could go on forever, but better stop for now......hehe

Oh, one last one, Olde Homestead Barn, check out her ebay, and website, she has some very cute snowmen. Just bought 3 of her cd's on ebay, bid and won them...Great Great patterns, Vicky is a huge talent also. Go Vicky.

Well, enough said, Happy New Year to you everyone!!! Have a safe and warm new year's!!!!