Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year For Everyone....2009

A brand new year for everyone!! Happy New Year, and I wish you peace and happiness for each and every day of this year. I intend to make the most of the year by spending time with my wonderful family, my husband who just made me the best Broccoli Cheese soup ever..hehe...and my son who loves his new xbox360 more than he loves, my daughter who is mad at me as I write this, because I wasn't happy she made her boyfriend pay $16.00 for two people to eat at Arby's. Hey, McDonald's has a 1.00 cheeseburger, and 1.00 french!!!! Her boyfriend is too sweet and pays for everything for her, Dalton ...just say NO!!! I love ya buddy.
My gorgeous oldest daughter who has lost so much weight, I am soooo jealous, she looks wonderful, and her great husband has also lost a LOT of weight. He rides his bike when he can and does 20 miles on it each time he rides....go Chris. Love ya. And, Kaitlyn, my lil sweet grandbaby, who I got to spend two days with this week, she is amazing. And such a good baby girl. She has her routine down so well, and understands everything at 18 months, you tell her it's time to go to sleep for her nap, and she goes to her momma's bed and lays down for you to put her nighty diaper on, then she goes to the rocking chair and picks out a book to read and waits for you to come rock her, and's the best, you put her in her crib and tell her to lay down for her nap, and she does....she lays down and lets you put her pretty pink blanket on her, and if you forget, she points to the monitor to have you turn it on, and then the fan has to be turned on, then she lays her head down and goes to sleep. Now, how is that for being a wonderful baby. My daughter should have MANY more babies, she is the best mom (next to Denni I have ever seen. Far better than I was I believe...hard to say that, but true. These are the truly important people in my life, and I appreciate each and every one of them, even though it's hard to say it all the time.

I also intend to make my own new annies, I want them to be unlike anyone else's, if that's possible. I have some ideas in mind, and will post them here when I can.

I've been making some annies using my friend Denni's patterns, gosh she's a genius...go Denni...and she just did another fabulously cutsey pattern..coming out soon....and again Go Denni!!! If you want easy to read and do patterns and really cute stuff too, they turn out every time the way they are supposed to ...she is talented and smart. Hey Denni...LOL

And, am doing some by the ever so talented Sweet Meadows Farm...Gosh you're good, love those patterns, just ordered her bunny pattern, Prima and Vera I think, OMG they are soooo cute...can't wait to get that one. Easter's coming guys.

And, there is always Julie at My Raggedy Dolls, superberly talented, just put out some sweet 2009 annie girls that sold in a flash...go Julie. And then De at Bowls n' Annies what great patterns she has. I make them, they sell, just like that. Great patterns too. I could go on forever, but better stop for now......hehe

Oh, one last one, Olde Homestead Barn, check out her ebay, and website, she has some very cute snowmen. Just bought 3 of her cd's on ebay, bid and won them...Great Great patterns, Vicky is a huge talent also. Go Vicky.

Well, enough said, Happy New Year to you everyone!!! Have a safe and warm new year's!!!!