Thursday, February 19, 2009

PRE-Spring Annie Sale this weekend!!!

I'm having a pre-spring Annie Sale this weekend!!! New or old, $5.00 off any annie on my site that is not SOLD already!!! E-mail me to find out if annie of your choice is still available and for the total amount. Shipping amount of $4.95 for priority mail is also included in price. New annies/bunnies coming soon, just finished two from Bowls'n'annies...Rita Rabbit that turned out sooooo cute!!! Bunnies are not included in this sale for right now, another sale coming soon!!! Thanks and I hope everyone is having a better week than I!!! Wish I could rid myself of this dang cold virus that keeps me sleeping more than it keeps me awake. Thanks a million to my hubby for bringin it home and givin it to us!!! Rat!! LOL.......... Love ya K!!! Ok....back to nite-nite!!