Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's about 5 days till Christmas, and I STILL don't have my tree up....but I am working on Just took a break to check e-mail and such and remembered I wanted to post my lil snowgal dollie. She turned out a little too stained....she looked like she had snake skin after two stainings, so I had to scrape off some of the stain. She looks a whole lot better now...hehe....OMG I love her, gonna do several more in different colors. That Patti Ratties is so talented. Get the pattern, it's fairly easy, cept for the sleeves in the dress, pay attention, it so easy to do like we always do and sew straight over and down, but her's is curved and a little different, well just get the pattern and you'll

I hope happiness and joy to everyone for Christmas and New Year's. I'm taking some much needed time, like that will happen...well, am going to try to take some time off. I haven't sewn for three days, sooooo?? Who knows.

Have to really get back to my decorating, so, have a great christmas everyone and eat lots of food. I know I will...hehe