Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas !!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas...hope your day is filled with wonderful memories...Enjoy...!!! Unfortunately, I did not make this gorgeous santa...he's just in my santa collection that I him!!!

A couple of santas I finished up a few days ago, 8 and 10 inch round head santa doll...(my pattern)..will be 2 of my giveaways when my website is up and running...which is soon to come...will be having a lot of giveaways and reduced annies, and other reduced items...and patterns..will be up and running before the new year I hope...I hope you will check it out and leave me a comment so you can be entered in my week long giveaways....I'm really excited about it....

This santa guy is one in my Santa collection....Love his eyes....Well, have a fun day today.... :0)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is in 25 days!! :0)

It's hard to believe Christmas is so near...but it is...Have you decorated yet?? No, I haven't even started!! But I'm starting to get in the mood...I hope your Christmas holiday is bright and cheerful and full of wonderful surprises this year. I always seem to get surprised in one way or another...I hope you all enjoy the season as much as I do...

Just wanted to share some new annies with you that I had done for the shows and festivals...Some are sold, some not yet!!!!

Made some of these florals this year, the glitz and the glitter....loved them, and sold several so all the new colors for the silks these days...they are so classy...

Well, hope your day is good, enjoy till next time...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Fall to You All..

Finally had time to take some snapshots of some of my fall annies...was kinda in a hurry so the pics didn't turn out so great...!!! Will take better ones in a few days....!!!

Also did lots of witches/ghosts...etc....

Have a big show coming up in October, so am scrambling to get stuff done...will have more to follow...Hope you are enjoying the's almost October...the weather here has been HOT...but soon to change..tomorrow, high will be 75...The leaves are starting to show up on the ground and some are turning that gorgeous golden orange...

Will be listing a couple new patterns.. almost is 7-8 inch witch annie, and the other is a pincushion annie...teenie weenie lil things...but ohh... so cute...Don't quite know how to do the e-mail conversion, so will have to mail them for now till I grow a brain and figure it

Have a fun week/end...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Pumpkin Annies and It's my Anniversary!!!

These are a variation from the punkin pye and ice cream pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm and My Raggedy Dolls pattern, Sweet Witch Annie......adaption of both into one smaller version...hmmm...what fun you can have with patterns huh, mixing/switching....! They will soon be dressed and I will post a new pic of them all dressed...

What have you been up to....?? Leave a note and let me know what you are doing!!! Would love to read them...

It's also my 21st wedding anniversary...OMGsh, where did the years go??? I'm married to a very hard working man who doesn't always do everything just the way I want it, but that's ok!! We have had a lot of tough years, and a lot of good years...sounds like marriage. But we're here today/together on our 21st anniversary, so!!! Ok, I could go on, just wanted to wish my hubs a happy 21st anniversary.

Here's another blast from the past, another Maureen Mills/Sweet Meadows Farm pattern...made this lil gal last year, and am making a few more for my shows and craft mall festivals...gonna change her up a bit, put a different face on her, will post new ones later.

Are you as bussssssyyy as I am??

ALSO.......don't forget to check out Sandy's (Fairie Whisperer) new Raggedy Annie blog...see link above on the right...She's having a giveaway after getting 50 followers. Giving away patterns by Chestnut Junction.

Off to work on more fall items...moving on to all kinds of different shapes and colors.... pumpkins, candy corns, and making up some My Raggedy Doll's Sweet Witch Annies...Don't ya just love this time of year...but jeez it's really HOT here, about 95 with heat index bout 105...H O T!!!!! Stay cool, I'm staying in and sewing.

Ohhh..Almost forgot, I'm gonna be starting my own patterns....The first is a pincusion annie!!! Check back, and if I can get my new web host off their hiney's, (just got sold) I might get my .com back up and running and will post the new pattern there.

Stay cool....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Daughter Nikki's Graduation from College at SLU

I haven't had a chance to post my oldest daughter's graduation from SLU College. I'm so proud of her, she just graduated and received her Bachelor's degree. And is going back to SLU in the fall for her Master's in Bio-Security..!!! Here's another pic of the whole college, and all it's graduates...the school is a BIT large..LOL is a shot of her when she actually graduated, the school is so large that they simply have all the students in that particular field of study stand and they graduate as a whole class instead of individually. It's rather a different way to do it, but naturally would take forever for each person to receive a diploma...

Congratulations Nikki, I'm so proud of you...have fun this fall you ..

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!!! Finally....

Hope your weather is improving where you are, ours is a bit cool...but it's April so!!! Wanted to wish you all a wonderful spring, I have tulips up and the iris are about up also....leaves on the trees, don't we all love the seasons changes!!!

Oh...this little bunny above is a pattern by Maureen at 's, they are so fun to make and turn out with the cutest em..just whipped up 5 more last night...cute cute..

Hope you have a fabulous spring...get out and enjoy if you can....take a long walk with your kids or your feels great. Have a good day everyone.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February everyone!!!

Well...almost Valentine's Day....12 more days...everyone getting roses...chocolate, or perhaps new diamonds??? LOL..Well...I know I'm not getting new diamonds...but perhaps a rose...hubby always remembers (cough.cough, after a couple to buy me a rose or two, sometimes a dozen or so make their way to my house...He's always very thoughtful and sweet!!!

Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day!!!

I've been adding new things to my .com website....if you have time, check it out...
Carm made a valentine's webset for me with lots of BLING...I love it...Thanks Carm, you did a great job as is her site...

Have a great week everyone...!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year to You!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This lil cutie was a special order for a gal in Florida, Her name, for obvious reasons is Annie Rose....I would welcome any special order you have, just allow a couple weeks for completion.

Sorry for not doing the giveaway like I promised, too busy trying to get everything done...But will do one soon....!!!!

Enjoy this brand new year/decade, hope it is the most profitable for you...

Be sure to check out my website at will be adding tons of new annies...and new graphics too, uhhh...hopefully Carm isn't too
She has just re-opened her new site, check her out ...!!!

And, I see my friend Denni has been adding new annies to her site also....she's at the site, under primitives....Denni Doodle Creations.... and :0)

And, of course my friend, Chris is always adding new creations to her site also, you can check her out at :0)