Sunday, March 29, 2009

Added New Bears/bunnies and annies today

Good Sunday eve...Added some new product to my website today. Some new annies/bunnies, and honey bear tucks for those easter baskets. I have a lot of lil annies/honey bears that could be added to easter baskets...check them out....Gettin ready to do an easter giveaway, will be posting the giveaway item this week some time, check it out, will be a freebie and we all love those freebies.....Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was productive, but not real profitable...had my first craft show yesterday, was a great show up until about 11:30, then the rain/snow and wind and cold temps cruised on in and the rest of the time we had just very brave buyers.....But we had fun, my really sweet son ....Mr. Macho man himself, went with me, he is so cute, I had told him my back was really bothering he offers to help and of course, being my first show, I didn't know what to expect, so I took him up on his offer, thrilled him to pieces...if you can imagine. He really didn't WANT to go, but he did because he wanted to help me, wasn't that just the nicest thing? He carried all my tubs in for me, and there was a lot, helped me unpack my annies....(was adoreeable to watch this 6' tall macho muscle guy pullin out those lil annies out of the clear plastic bags...I wished I would have had my camcorder, would have been priceless!!! May even have won me some $$$$......LOL) And, then when we packed up, he put everything back for me, and then we helped a gal from our town put her items in her van&truck...which was a fun job, as we got to laugh an joke around a lot with them, they are really nice people, love em.... and OMG, she had a lot of stuff....and she did really well at the show...I did just OK for my first show, I guess, and considering the nasty weather....Anyway, thanks Ryne, you were so much help to your momma, I luv ya bud!!! P.s. I did give him $$$ for
helping me out!!!!! He really didn't want the $$ but I forced him to take it!!! So, hopefully the next show will be a more profitable one....better weather too. We got about 2-3 inches of dang snow, and cold weather, so there goes my new leaves and crocus but the hardy daffodils were pokin through the snow this afternoon, got up the 49 so the snow is about gone, thank god...Come on summer, am soooo very ready....Have a great week, and don't forget to check out my giveaway, is going to be a Big easter bunny of some sort....haven't put the finishing touches on the idea yet....Easter is coming up fast...

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shweetpotato said...

Hi :D just peeking at your blog, I LOVE the background and all your cute cute dollies :D Carm