Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Time is Here For Real!!!

Finally, it's summer!!!! I think everybody would agree. It's been a long time coming...Hope you all get out and enjoy this weather....We're about 80 degrees here today in central IL, and sunny. It's gorgeous!!!!

Graduation is over, tg, and kids are getting settled into their summer routine, working jobs; I hope!!!! My son just graduated high school, and is continuing his hunt for just the perfect summer job, before he starts college in the fall. He's gotten a really nice scholarship for college to get him started, and then there is always mom and dad's deep pockets to rely!!!!

He's also just gotten his first (and only) tatoo yesterday, had to spend that graduation money on something...!!! arghhhhh...."never give up" in some kind of sign language...I don't know, not an expert in that field, that's for sure...LOL, but it looks kewl...., he's almost 19, so!!!!! Now, I'll have to give in when my daughter turns 18 and wants that tiny little heart on her ankle....jeez, I remember when it was ice cream and it's tatoos!!! What's next?

I have one more to put through high school, Jori will be 18 in September and a senior in high school, and that will be a hard one to survive....!!! God give me really, I mean it!!! I'm sure I'll survive, as long as she doesn't want to get married right away. Her father was talking about sending her up north to visit her aunt for a couple years, so she could see what's out there for her. He thinks she's too serious about this one cream and crayons....wake up dad!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful summer....grow some pretty flowers/trees....!!!!!

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Denni said...

your family is so cute!