Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well I have a daughter getting married in a week..My youngest daughter Jordynn Renee' will be "Mrs. Dalton Fry" in less than 7 days. Their engagement has lasted a year and a half so we had plenty of time to prepare. They will have a ceremony at a church in a nearby city that we had to rent because their church wasn't big enough to hold everyone they have invited. We will have their reception in a local KC Hall decorated by a friend of mine who is also another manager at Nickorbobs Home Decor where I now work. She has prepared centerpieces with pink and white peonies floating in water sitting on a lighted base with beaded garlands wrapped around them. The water with the lights will just shimmer around those beaded garlands...its looks very pretty....We've also taken 4x8 sheets of lattice and are attaching lights, along with a big pink lighted heart with their initials in a shimmery pink flourescent the center...then there will be shear curtains hanging in front of all the it off with lights under the gift and cake tables to add that much needed ambiance....It's going to be lovely and I really can't wait till it gets here for her to see it all...It's taken lots of hours to prepare, and I don't think I will ever be able to thank Jak enough for all her hard work...It sure is appreciated....!!! Now, I can't wait also till June 24th, because I can then get back to doing what I love doing ..designing and making raggedy annies...So soon, I will have new dollies here and on etsy.... Hope you all have a wonderful summer, it is sure hot and humid here...summer has arrived... toodles...!!!

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