Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Fall !!!

Wow, fall sure came rushing's brrr cold out....and in too!!! This is my adorable granddaughter on the Carolina Beach in North Carolina.....sure looks warm. She looks like she's getting a good uhhh..."burn", instead of a tan....I'm thinking I may just have to move there next year with my daughter and her family....looks like a great place to live. :)

On another note, is anyone else having major problems with "blogger"? I can't seem to bring up a lot of blogs I used to bring up.....what is going on with them!!! Just wondering if anyone has any insight ..can you let others know. It's pretty annoying....'s back to crafting for a Christmas Candlelight Walk and Festival coming up in about a month so am again scrambling..... Now I have two stores to fill up....arghhhh....sometimes I wonder why I do what I do!!! It seems like my life revolves around crafting, and I don't seem to get to enjoy much of anything else, oh, and working at the craft mall...they always seem to need worries though, it is enjoyable...:)

Hope you enjoy this little bit of fall we're gonna have, I think winter is going to come rather early this year and it's gonna be a bit CHILLy!!! So enjoy, and happy crafting!!

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